4 Free HR Tools & Software Singapore HR Departments Can Try, Including Payroll & Leave Tracking

Those of us familiar with running a human resources team for a Singapore company will know how the end-of-month payroll rush, dealing with claims, documenting performance reviews, and more necessary procedures can distract you from working on longer-term HR strategies.

To save time and make multiple HR processes easier to carry out and track, these HR tools and software can go a long way. To sweeten the deal, they come with free trials so you can test them out with no obligations.

NeuHR – Easy all-in-one HR tool

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Topping our list is NeuHR, a tool built by The Smart Local Media Group, a cloud-based automation system that meticulously calculates your employees’ salaries, clearly breaking these down according to taxes, CPF, and benefits.

Fully compliant with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s regulations, NeuHR also automatically accounts for leave days and public holidays in its calculations – this means no more discrepancies that could arise when you need to prorate your employees’ salaries.

Throw in claims applications and company announcements, and NeuHR will truly be your best friend in ensuring your employees are taken care of and engaged.

neuhr hr software's various functionalities for singapore companies

Image credit: NeuHR

Have staff in multiple countries? No problem – NeuHR accounts for Singapore and other countries’ public holidays in its calculations, so pro-rating salaries is a breeze. It also allows you to record different employees’ annual, medical, and other leave allocations, and to classify staff by department so everyone knows who works where.

No more answering repeated questions about where the last company circular can be accessed – you can also upload meeting summaries and newsletters on the system instead of letting them get lost in employees’ bloated inboxes.

To sweeten the deal, NeuHR is free for now for teams of up to 20 employees. If Microsoft Excel has been doing double duty as your HR manager, let NeuHR take over – almost 300 companies in Singapore already have.

Lowest pricing (Pro plan): SGD0.98 per user per month, SGD11.76 per user per year

Odoo – Wide variety of business apps

odoo hr tool's various apps

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Odoo is a collection of apps to manage every aspect of your company, collected in one subscription. Its HRIS tools include a centralised human resources system including an employee directory and leave request alerts, attendance tracking, expense claim management, and performance evaluations.

In Odoo, you can even record and track applicants through the hiring process – useful if your organisation has a huge number of applicants to filter through or even boomerang employees who return after a stint elsewhere.

Odoo starts out free, although you’re only limited to the use of one app under their trial.

Lowest pricing (Standard plan): USD16.50 (SGD22.52) per user per month, USD162 (SGD221.14) per user per year

Zoho People – Tracks leave entitlements easily

zoho people hr software website homepage

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Once mainly known for its word processing software, Zoho is now doing what the Google suite can’t – it now boasts HRIS tools including Zoho People that streamlines your HR processes, Zoho Recruit that helps you headhunt, Zoho Workerly for temporary staff schedule management, and Zoho Shifts, a staff scheduling and time-tracking app.

You’ll be able to track not just employee join dates and data but also staff size trends; shift scheduling and timesheet creation without hassle; record KPIs and performance reviews, and even create in-house classes that employees can complete in their own time.

And of course, you can scale up Zoho’s capabilities to your entire workforce who can use Zoho Writer, Sheet, and Show – its answer to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides – while your finance team can crunch numbers with Zoho Books and issue bills with Zoho Invoice.

Zoho People begins as a 30-day free trial with no credit card required to sign up. Pricing starts from SGD18 per user per year or SGD2 per user per month.

Lowest pricing (Essential HR plan): SGD2 per user per month, SGD18 per user per year

Trainual – Easy employee onboarding

trainual hr software website homepage

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Employee onboarding isn’t a one-time affair; managers know it takes time to properly welcome and train newcomers. However, your core responsibilities may often pull you away from regularly maintaining a guidebook to navigate how things work in your organisation and who reports to who.

That’s where Trainual steps in, allowing you to create, maintain, and update an internal manual containing all the crucial information your existing and new staff require to hit the ground running. With Trainual, you can present your company’s structure and adapt job descriptions and standard operating procedures (SOPs) from the HRM tool’s comprehensive template library.

These guides are not randomly cobbled together either; Trainual arms you with templates about processes, policies, role descriptions, and your company vision and mission that come together as a cohesive whole. From here, your new joiners will be ready to start on actionable tasks.

Trainual offers a 7-day free trial and does not require a credit card to sign up for. Packages start from USD8 per person per month, for companies with a minimum of 10 staff.

Lowest pricing (Small Business plan): From USD6 per user per month, USD60 per user per year

Price comparison of HRIS tools and software in Singapore

Cost of most affordable package per employeeNeuHRZoho PeopleOdooTrainual
Per monthSGD0.98SGD2USD16.90 (SGD22.52)USD6 (SGD8.19)
Per yearSGD11.76SGD18USD162 (SGD221.14)USD60 (SGD81.91)
*All prices and exchange rates are correct as of 24th October 2023.

Paying for an annual subscription to a HRM tool is typically more affordable over the long term compared to paying per month, but if you’re just starting out, a per-month subscription can give you the flexibility to switch out if needed.

It can be helpful to adopt a tool that has been customised to the Singapore context so it’s plug-and-play for your HR team – one tell-tale sign is whether it can calculate CPF for employees of all ages.

HR tools and software with free trials for Singapore businesses

With the free tools we’ve compiled above, you can take that first step by streamlining your employee onboarding, meeting room booking, rostering, leave management, and payroll processes. Save time with these HR tools and software tailor-made for Singaporean businesses, and automate your payroll and other routine processes – sometimes even for free.

Out of all these tools, NeuHR stands out for uniting multiple crucial HR processes under one diligent system – no need to sign up for several products that may not be able to integrate with each other. Use it tol free your staff up to focus on talent acquisition and growth planning while you explore a no-obligation free trial and product demo. Email [email protected] to chat with us.

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